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State Bishop Nelson Lewis - Pastor

Our Pastor

Reverend Dr. Jacqueline Lewis Henry, Pastor Pursuing purpose Driven Ministry

Reverend Dr. Jacqueline Lewis Henry born in Chestertown, Maryland but grew up in Pondtown, Maryland . She began her Christian journey at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church at age 11, where her mother was a faithful member. After she accepted Christ, she joined the choir.  She became faithful in all that she did especially Sunday school and Bible Study.  Her relationship with God grew.  At age 20, Dr. Henry served as the Sunday School Superintendent and President of the Cemetery Committee.


In 1994, Reverend Dr. Henry met and married Darnell Henry and joined Graves Chapel United African Methodist Episcopal Church under the late Reverend Milton O. Young. In 1995, while attending a men’s day service, Dr. Henry received the Holy Ghost and was later baptized.

Always willing to help the work of the ministry, Dr. Henry and her husband joined Alpha and Omega fellowship under the leadership of Pastor Kim Freeman-Walker. Elder Darnell Henry, her husband, served as a Co-Pastor.


In 1997, with the encouragement from her husband, saints, and friends, she decided that she could no longer put it off and accepted her call to ministry.


Dr. Henry later moved to First Pilgrim Baptist Church, Camden, Delaware, under the leadership of, Bishop Dr. Dorina C. Miles, Pastor. This is where she acknowledged her call to preach. However, she had no idea where she would end up because in 2005, God sent Dr. Henry to fellowship Hope Church in Middletown, Delaware, under Pastor William E. Dickinson, where she acknowledged and accepted Gods call for her life.  Pastor Dickinson saw Dr. Henrys love for God’s people and began molding and teaching her in the area of ministry. She had a hunger for God’s word.


In 2005, Dr. Henry enrolled in Sussex county school of theology in Millington, Maryland, under the instruction of Dr. Austin waters, and Dean Dr. Orlando E. Short. She studied hard.  In 2006, she graduated with a diploma in Theology. She wanted more, so she returned to school. In 2008, Dr. Henry graduated from the national school of theology and with an associate’s degree in theology.  She went on to further her education in 2010, graduating with a bachelor in Theology.  God took her to higher heights and deeper depths, and in 2012, she graduated with a doctorate in theology.   She successfully defended her thesis entitled “The Inner Me”.  In addition, she is a licensed health and life insurance agent.


In 2007, she took her education, skills, and training to Mt. Carmel church of the Living God, in Dover, Delaware, to help her biological brother Bishop Nelson E. Lewis, Bishop of the Delaware Diocese.  She was appointed to occupy several appointments i.e., The Women of Faith Choir, Pastors aide committee, Financial board, Sunday school superintendent, and the state treasurers board and credentials committee of the Delaware diocese.


In august 2011, Reverend Dr. Jaqueline Henry was ordained and appointed to the position of Assistant Pastor of Mt. Carmel Church of the living God. In August 2013-2015 she was appointed as interim Pastor. Today she serves as Pastor. 


Reverend Dr. Jaqueline Henry serves in other capacities as well. She is vice president of Covenant Sisters, Inc., and an Executive board member of the NAACP. Reverend Dr. Henry is a mother and grandmother. Her motto is, “No matter what it looks like, no matter what they say, or no matter what they do, you can make it. To God be the Glory for the things he has done.  PRAISE HIM!”

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