A House of Refuge   &    A Temple of Praise
State Bishop Nelson Lewis - Pastor



Presiding Prelate: Delaware and Ohio Western Diocese 

and the Jamaica International Diocese, CLG 

Bishop Lewis was born July 5, 1956 to Harvey and Edna Lewis in Chestertown, MD. He was employed with the MD Department of Transportation for over 30 years, before retiring in October 2011.

He was saved on a Friday night in July 1976 at the Gospel Church of God in Chestertown, MD. Under the leadership of Bishop C.W. Cotton. Brother Nelson, as many called him was know as that faithful brother. It is because of his faithfulness that God has blessed him and elevated him. Bro. Nelson came up through the ranks, working were ever needed. Serving as an Usher, Choir director, Choir President, Jr. Deacon, Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, Minister and later becoming an Ordained Elder. But the most enjoyable and the most rewarding office was that of the Armor bearer and driver for Bishop C. W. Cotton.

The Gospel Church of God and Mt Carmel CLG fellowship for years and it was during this fellowship that Bishop B.L. Washington saw his faithfulness to God and to God's servant. Later Bishop Washington was lead of the Lord to ask Elder Lewis to come and help carry on the work at Mt Carmel. After much prayer Elder Lewis accepted and came to Mt Carmel CLG in April 1996.

After the passing of Bishop Washington, Bishop David E. Drone became the Presiding Prelate of the Delaware Diocese. He too saw the faithfulness and dedication of Elder Lewis and appointed him the State Elder for the Delaware Diocese. Later Bishop Drone became the President General of the Churches of the Living God. Inc., and in October 2008 during the General Assembly of the Church of the Living God, in Greensboro, NC, Elder Lewis was consecrated to the Bishopric.

After the sudden passing of Bishop David E. Drone in June of 2011, the Ohio Western Diocese requested that Bishop Nelson Lewis become their Presiding Bishop. During the following General Assembly, the board of Bishops voted and it was approved that Bishop Nelson Lewis would preside over the Ohio Western Diocese and continue to preside over the Delaware Diocese as well. 

Bishop Lewis obtained both natural and spiritual education while attending Chesapeake Community College, Baltimore City College, Chesapeake Bible College and Seminary, Washington College, University of Maryland and the Northwestern Traffic Institute.

Bishop Lewis has always had a great desire to enhance the community by empowering the people here. Thus, Min Gilbert Curry and Sister Shelatia Dennis began fulfilling the vision. Mt Carmel began providing many services for our community. Mt Carmel was the first church to open their doors for Code Purple, providing emergency shelter for the homeless during the cold weather.  The church began serving Breakfast for the homeless and anyone that stopped by.  A free clothing Closet opened, giving clothes to anyone in need. An emergency food pantry was also opened, which still provides food for those in need. Bishop Lewis has always praised his Mt Carmel family, because most of this work was done thru the donations from the members and not grants. On several occasions the members of Mt Carmel donated new coats to the community and surrounding area Kids. 100 coats one year and 75 the next. Again, all with funds from the faithful and dedicated members of Mt Carmel. The church also provided summer lunches for the kids in the community, once school had closed for the summer.

Outside of the church, before Bishop Lewis retired, he started his own company called DELMARVA FLAGGING SERVICES. This company provides Certified Flagger training for those that desire to become a certified Flagger. Thru this company Bishop Lewis has caused hundreds of people that normally would not have been able to find work, get a job. Many that were incarcerated returned to share their story of how they are now settled and stablished, many thanks to you for giving us a chance. 

Bishop Lewis is a member of the IMA, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and a board member of Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing.  A service that he feels honored and proud to be a part of.

Through divine order, God allowed Bishop Lewis to send forth Apostle Donnet Wright to work and to assist him in building the kingdom of God. Apostle Wright, a highly anointed woman of God began allowing God to use her and many souls were saved. Currently there are 5 churches on the Island of Jamaica, and God continues to use her adding more churches to the diocese. In 2011, being lead of God, Bishop Lewis  established  the Jamaica International Ministry CLG, as the official Presiding Prelate, with headquarters located in Providence of St. Thomas, Jamaica West Indies.

After much prayer and council with the church officials of Mt Carmel, Bishop Lewis appointed Elder Dr. Jacqueline Henry as the Pastor of Mt Carmel. God began to use her and the church supported her very well. Bishop Lewis knew that this would allow him to continue to do the work of the Apostle and be able to focus fully on building God's churches and His people.

He is happily married to one wife, Lady Minister Barbara. They have 3 daughters, 3 son-in laws, 12 grandchildren.

Bishop Lewis's desire is to remain faithful to God and to complete the work that God has assigned him to do.


To ensure spiritual growth for the Saints, Salvation for the lost and to enhance the Kingdom of God through outreach. To provide our communities with that which will cause major change in the lives of those living there. To provide a house of Refuge and a Temple to Praise for all those in need.

May God Bless you!!!

































































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